Sherrill W. Mosee watched women struggle with their bags for years – particularly the low-income mothers she assisted through her educational nonprofit, Family Care Solutions, who often had to carry a purse, diaper bag, laptop bag, and lunch bag. After she was forced to close the nonprofit when the economy collapsed, Mosee decided to help women in a different way – by providing a solution to the bag-overload problem.  

Mosee used her engineering degree to design a handbag that would help women separate and organize everything they needed for their day. She spent 18 months designing the bag, for which she was later granted a patent. She launched her business, MinkeeBlue, LLC, in 2014.  

My Successes: 

MinkeeBlue has been featured on the Today Show and is now available on Mosee recently traveled to India to participate in the second annual Designer’s Fair, sponsored by the Indian Ministry of Commerce and Industry. She was one of nine designers representing the United States at the fair.

How SCORE Helped: 

Mosee worked with a team of three SCORE mentors, who helped her with manufacturing, sales, and software. Robert Wolk was one of her mentors. “Bob saw the potential for MinkeeBlue before I knew how and what I was going to do,” says Mosee. “I remember receiving several emails from Bob over the course of one day suggesting taglines for MinkeeBlue. It was funny and exciting to get that kind of enthusiasm at the beginning.”

Wolk also suggested which retailers to target for sales. He continues to work with Mosee, “providing advice, making connections that lead to opportunities, and encouraging me to keep pushing.”  

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